Anne Bradstreet

 Here’s a great book on the American Puritan poet, Anne Bradstreet, (that’s also the title of the book) by Heidi Nichols.  It is easy to read, not overly long, and it includes some samples of Bradstreet’s work.  Here are a few words from Bradstreet that are worth reading (these are found in the book). “He… Continue reading Anne Bradstreet

The (Futile?) Search for Christian America

Here’s a book that deserves to be brought back into our discussions and onto our reading lists: The Search for Christian America by Mark Noll, Nathan Hatch, and George Marsden.  It was first published in 1983 and then expanded in 1989.  But the message is completely relevant for Christians today. Here are some questions the… Continue reading The (Futile?) Search for Christian America

The American Baptism of Secularization (Or The Baptism of American Secularization)

Instead of fighting it, baptize and bless it: "The question of Christianity and civilization was complicated.  Mid-nineteenth-century Western culture was in the midst of a process of secularization - by which is meant a trend away from distinctly Christian influences.  The magnitude of the revolution was, as Martin Marty points out, 'comparable to the Renaissance… Continue reading The American Baptism of Secularization (Or The Baptism of American Secularization)