The Exodus Motif in Scripture (Estelle)

 It's not a new insight for many students of Scripture when they hear that the exodus event is alluded to or referred to many times in the Bible.  From the Psalms to the Prophets to the NT authors, the exodus is an important theme in Scripture.  Bryan Estelle's book, Echoes of Exodus, is a nice survey… Continue reading The Exodus Motif in Scripture (Estelle)

The Big Wide World of Authorial Intent and Allusion

In the book I've recently been reviewing here,  We Become What We Worship,  G. K. Beale argues forcefully that intertextual biblical allusions are always consistent to their historical and grammatical context (c.f. Beale's The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism, p.91-92, 105, etc.).  Perhaps in other words, the human authors of Scripture quoted other Scripture using… Continue reading The Big Wide World of Authorial Intent and Allusion