Mohler’s “We Cannot Be Silent” – A Review

How do you explain the American sexual revolution that has been taking place since the sixties?  And what is the Christian church to do about it?  These are important questions for us to ask. If you want thoughtful and informed answers to these questions, you’ll want to get Albert Mohler’s new book, We Cannot Be… Continue reading Mohler’s “We Cannot Be Silent” – A Review

Was/Is There A “Gay Agenda”?

This new book by Albert Mohler is quite good: We Cannot Be Silent.  It’s a book that talks about the history of sexuality in the United States, and answers questions like: how did we go from a relatively decent view of marriage to gay marriage so quickly?  Mohler’s done his homework, and it shows in… Continue reading Was/Is There A “Gay Agenda”?

Leading, Reading, Marking

Last spring a friend and I read through parts of Albert Mohler’s The Conviction to Lead.  It’s a basic sort of introduction to leadership from a Christian perspective.  We thought the book was OK, but not outstanding.  The 25 principles were not explained with much detail, and what was explained were basic leadership virtues that… Continue reading Leading, Reading, Marking