Women, Gifts, Church, Blessings

In the past twenty years or so I've been to several different events for Christian men: retreats, meetings, workshops, etc. They've been a blessing in various ways. However, sometimes someone will comment on how great it is to hear men singing together in a Christian setting. Yes! It is! However, my thought is always this:… Continue reading Women, Gifts, Church, Blessings

We Get Back Up Again (Byrd)

Here's a helpful way to talk about perseverance of the saints: "Perseverance is humbling.  We desire righteousness, but we fall on our faces.  We look forward to the promise of eternally dwelling with God in holiness, and we know how far we are from it.  We receive God's grace knowing that we are so utterly… Continue reading We Get Back Up Again (Byrd)

Wives, Mothers, Women, and Theology

Some of our readers have probably heard about (or read) a new book with a very unique title: Housewife Theologian by Aimee Byrd.  Now, I am not a housewife (but I do help mine with the diapers and dishes!).  And I realize this book is for women.  However, I thought it was worth reading and reviewing… Continue reading Wives, Mothers, Women, and Theology