Machen: Thank God for the Christmas Season

In a sermon preached soon before his death in 1936, J. G. Machen explained how the Bible puts an “enormous emphasis” on the death of Christ.  He also noted how the Christian church places a great emphasis on Christ’s death – we “chiefly commemorate” the death of Christ because it is God’s wisdom and our… Continue reading Machen: Thank God for the Christmas Season

The Devil’s Christmas Fist

Though I don't get too "into" the holidays, I never tire of hearing about the Incarnation.  Here's a great piece by Luther showing the beauty of the truth that God became man. "When we were still under the papacy, they used to tell this story.  Once upon a time the devil attended Mass in a church… Continue reading The Devil’s Christmas Fist

Bishop Methodius (d. 312)

In my year-long trek through the Ante Nicene Fathers I have found some great treatises, homilies, and other writings.  One father that I recently finished reading is Methodius, bishop of Olympus and Patara and then Tyre until he was martyred in 312.  Though he learned much from Origen, Methodius was largely critical of him, as is evident in at least two of his… Continue reading Bishop Methodius (d. 312)

Luther’s Loud Advent Word

One can scarcely find better Advent homilies than those of Martin Luther.  Even in reading Christmas sermons by Luther you can feel his deep love for the gospel and his desire to make it known.  You can almost hear his voice ring off the walls of the Wittenburg stadtkirche.  Here are a few excerpts from… Continue reading Luther’s Loud Advent Word