God’s Unfaithful Wife by R. Ortlund – A Review

If you've read the OT history books and the prophets, you know that God's people time and again were unfaithful to him.  One biblical metaphor for this unfaithfulness is spiritual adultery, or playing the harlot.  Israel prostituted herself with false gods, forsaking her Maker and Husband, Yahweh.  So the Lord brought punishment upon them for… Continue reading God’s Unfaithful Wife by R. Ortlund – A Review

Did Jesus Forbid All Divorce?

 Is every instance of divorce sinful in God's sight?  Did Jesus forbid all divorce?  Does God hate all divorce?  The answer to each of these questions is the same: No.  God himself "divorced" Israel for her spiritual adultery.  Also, I mentioned last week that a good translation of Malachi 2:16 is “If one hates and… Continue reading Did Jesus Forbid All Divorce?