Distractions, Screens, and Digital Minimalism (Newport)

The internet wasn't really part of my life until I was in college. In 2016 I got my first smartphone and in 2019 we got an iPad. No one can really accuse me of being a luddite or anti-tech. I do use and appreciate technology for sure. At the same time, over half of my… Continue reading Distractions, Screens, and Digital Minimalism (Newport)

Mental Illness, Nutrition, and Medicine

A friend of mine and I were recently talking about mental illnesses like ADHD, bi-polar disorder, depression, and mood swings.  Somewhere in the conversation he told me about this book: Blue Genes by Meier, Clements, Bertrand, and Mandt.  Since he’s a solid Christian and a good psychologist, I ordered it and read it right away. … Continue reading Mental Illness, Nutrition, and Medicine