Genesis, History, and Morality (Schaeffer)

 If a person denies the factual historicity of Genesis 1-3 that person has cut himself or herself off from some of the major truths of biblical Christianity.  Others have explained this well: if you deny the fact that Adam was a historical human being, you are far out of step with Jesus' teaching (Mt. 19:5)… Continue reading Genesis, History, and Morality (Schaeffer)

The Original Homeland of Man

The following paragraph from Kingdom Prologue is one that I've appreciated for a long time: The original homeland of man might well have been named Immanuel.  God was with man, man's dwelling-place was God's dwelling-place.  That was the greatest glory of paradise and the supreme and ultimate blessedness of human life.  The covenant servant had… Continue reading The Original Homeland of Man

Mythical Adam = Mythical Gospel

Many of our readers probably know that some in broadly Christian circles debate whether Adam and Eve were real, actual, historical people.  Some believe, based on the theory of evolution, that Adam and Eve were either not the first humans or they are simply myths or symbols God used to describe some truths.  Historic Christianity,… Continue reading Mythical Adam = Mythical Gospel

The Positive Elements of the Covenant of Works (Vos)

In volume 2 of his Reformed Dogmatics, Geerhardus Vos discusses (in detail) the covenant of works.  Here’s an outline of the main propositions concerning the federal headship of Adam in that covenant (I tweaked the formatting a bit to make it easier to follow the outline).     a)      Adam by nature was obliged to obey… Continue reading The Positive Elements of the Covenant of Works (Vos)

Bavinck on Adam Pre-Fall: Merit or Maturity?

Herman Bavinck's valuable survey of Christian doctrine, Our Reasonable Faith (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1956) has a wonderful section on the state of man in Eden before the fall.  Let me summarize his summary from pages 216-220. Bavinck starts by noting that we have to distinguish between the "condition in which the first man was created… Continue reading Bavinck on Adam Pre-Fall: Merit or Maturity?