The Church Devoted to Prayer (Green)

In preparation for a sermon series on the church I've been reading Christopher Green's "The Message of the Church."  So far I'm very much enjoying it.  I just finished reading the part where he comments on Acts 2:42 (They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to… Continue reading The Church Devoted to Prayer (Green)

Great is Artemis of the Epheisans! (Acts 19:34)

Clinton Arnold’s ECNT (Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament) on Ephesians is one of my favorite newer commentaries on this epistle of Paul.  It is laid out well, easy to read and follow, and it has great features (i.e. outlines, historical context sections, etc.) that make it a useful tool for studies in Ephesians.  In… Continue reading Great is Artemis of the Epheisans! (Acts 19:34)

A Summary of Paul’s Evangelistic Preaching (Roland Allen)

This is another book that all missionaries and evangelists should read carefully; pastors who minister in culturally diverse areas will also benefit from it.  The book is by Roland Allen and it is called Missionary Methods: St. Paul's or Ours?  It was first published around 50 years ago.  I liked Allen's summary of Paul's evangelistic preaching. … Continue reading A Summary of Paul’s Evangelistic Preaching (Roland Allen)

Resources on Acts

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was preaching/teaching through the book of Acts.  Here is a list of resources that I've found helpful.  You might notice I don't have any online resources to suggest; you'll have to do that work on your own.  I have to admit I do very little online research since… Continue reading Resources on Acts

Apostolic Preaching in Acts

I've been using Dennis Johnson's commentary on the book of Acts as I preach through Luke's second book to Theophilus.  Though the layout of Johnson's book is sometimes tough to follow (it is topical rather than verse by verse), the content is outstanding.  I especially appreciate this summary Johnson gave on apostolic preaching in Acts. … Continue reading Apostolic Preaching in Acts