Hallowed Be Your Name (Perkins)

Earlier this week I was studying and thinking about the holiness of God. In my studies, I found this great prayer by William Perkins that summarizes the first petition of the Lord's Prayer: "Father, hallowed be your name" (Lk. 11:2 NIV). This prayer of Perkins is quoted by A. W. Pink in his book on… Continue reading Hallowed Be Your Name (Perkins)

Pink on God’s Sovereignty as the Foundation

A. W. Pink's fine book, The Sovereignty of God, is a great resource for studying the truth of God's absolute power, might, and dominion.  However, I believe Pink overstates the place of God's sovereignty in theology.  Notice how he describes it. "The doctrine of God's sovereignty lies at the foundation of Christian theology, and in… Continue reading Pink on God’s Sovereignty as the Foundation