The Sabbath As A Bulwark Against Satan’s Kingdom

God gave his people the Sabbath for their good.  It was a day on which they could rest their bodies from physical labor and refresh their hearts and minds by remembering his works of creation and redemption (Ex. 20:8-13, Deut. 5:12-15).  J. G. Vos asks a good question – and answers it well in his… Continue reading The Sabbath As A Bulwark Against Satan’s Kingdom

Luther on the Christian Sabbath

"Now, therefore, the sum and substance of this is that he [Jesus] confronts them [the Pharisees in Luke 14.1-11] straight to their faces, showing them that they don't know what it means to keep or sanctify the Sabbath.  Your thinking, he says, is that the Sabbath means to do no work whatever and to be… Continue reading Luther on the Christian Sabbath