The Bond of Perfection (Col 3.14)

  I've appreciated this book on Christian love (based on John 13.35, 1 Cor 13, etc.) by Scottish Covenanter Hugh Binning (d. 1653).  It isn't the easiest Puritan Paperback to read, but it is worth the effort.  The treatise is short (80 small pages) and there are a few of Binning's sermons as an appendix (around 25 pages).  I'm amazed at… Continue reading The Bond of Perfection (Col 3.14)

A Devotional Commentary on 1 Cor 13

 If you're looking for a short and sweet book that discusses the famous "love" chapter in the Bible, you'll want to get True Love by Dr. James Renihan (dean & professor at IRBS).  It is a collection of sermons that Renihan preached from 1 Corinthians 13.  Renihan opens the book by discussing how love is demanded of us (Deut 6.5) and how the… Continue reading A Devotional Commentary on 1 Cor 13