The Tension of Unbelief (Guinness)

In chapter five of "Fool's Talk," Os Guinness has a very good explanation of unbelief. In the following quote Guinness discusses the tension of unbelief. The non-Christian's unbelieving attitude and heart is something also to think about for Christian apologetics. Here's Guinness: At the core of unbelief is ceaseless, unremitting, and inescapable tension and conflict.… Continue reading The Tension of Unbelief (Guinness)

Faith Does Not Say, “What Have I Done?” (Luther)

In Galatians 2:4-5 the Apostle wrote this:  [Now] this matter arose [because of the false brothers with false pretenses who slipped in unnoticed to spy on our freedom that we have in Christ Jesus, to make us slaves]. But [we did not surrender to them even for a moment, in order that the truth of the… Continue reading Faith Does Not Say, “What Have I Done?” (Luther)

What He Did For Us (Calvin)

In 1550 John Calvin wrote the preface to the Geneva Bible. His preface was titled, "Christ, the End of the Law." This essay is a brilliant example of a robustly Christ centered interpretation of Scripture. In one section Calvin wonderfully put together a string of biblical phrases explaining what Christ has done for his people.… Continue reading What He Did For Us (Calvin)

Christ in the OT: An Ancient Hermeneutic

Finding Christ in the Old Testament is an ancient hermeneutic. Modern evangelicals did not discover the fact that Christ is on every page of the OT Scriptures. This interpretive method has been around since the days of the early church when the apostles were still alive preaching and writing. The church fathers also interpreted the… Continue reading Christ in the OT: An Ancient Hermeneutic

Consolation in Affliction (Calvin)

Here's one of those wonderful insights from John Calvin (d. 1564) on the Christian's consolation in affliction. If you're suffering right now or facing a difficult trial, these words will make a good Monday meditation for your Christian heart and mind. It's based on Jesus' words to the criminal on the cross ("Today you will… Continue reading Consolation in Affliction (Calvin)