The Imago Dei and the “Humanity” of Scripture

In his contribution to the book Reforming or Conforming: Post-Conservative Evangelicals and the Emerging Church (Crossway, 2008), Paul Wells considers the humanity of scripture, a topic he contends has been left largely unexplored by conservative evangelicals when discussing the doctrine of Scripture. In writing of the dearth of detailed engagement with the humanity of Scripture,… Continue reading The Imago Dei and the “Humanity” of Scripture

Kevin Vanhoozer on Acts 8 and Isaiah 53

Kevin Vanhoozer has a nice section dealing with the scriptural resignification that takes place as a part of apostolic hermeneutics: An immediate qualification is in order.  Clearly, the passage of Isaiah 53 from which the Ethiopian was reading did not in and of itself generate understanding.  The whole point of this episode in Acts 8… Continue reading Kevin Vanhoozer on Acts 8 and Isaiah 53

Vanhoozer on Proof-texting

Kevin Vanhoozer, in his excellent book The Drama of Doctrine, gives the reader some things to consider about proof-texting (compiling a list of texts to prove a point).  To be sure, Vanhoozer certainly affirms that texts teach us doctrinal truth, but he says they do more than that.  For now, note what he says about the dangers of… Continue reading Vanhoozer on Proof-texting