Zacharias Ursinus on the Law’s Requirement of Perfect Obedience . . .

Does the law of God require perfect obedience, or is the law simply given to sinners who thereby are not expected to render perfect obedience to its demands? Aren't those to whom the law is given called instead to live according to a reasonable degree of conformity to that law in order to be called… Continue reading Zacharias Ursinus on the Law’s Requirement of Perfect Obedience . . .

Ursinus or the FV on Law/Gospel?

The official Federal Vision joint statement says this on page 6:  "We deny that law and gospel should be considered as a hermeneutics, or treated as such.... The fundamental division [between law and gospel] is not in the text, but rather in the human heart." Ursinus: "The doctrine of the church consists of two parts: the Law, and… Continue reading Ursinus or the FV on Law/Gospel?

Ursinus on Justification, Righteousness, and Imputation

"The righteousness with which we are here justified before God, is not our conformity with the law, not our good works, nor our faith; but it is the satisfaction which Christ rendered to the law in our stead; or the punishment which he endured on our behalf; and therefore the entire humiliation of Christ...whatever he… Continue reading Ursinus on Justification, Righteousness, and Imputation