Kuyper on Art, Religion, and Sphere Sovereignty

I've been thinking about how the arts fit into the relationship between Christ and culture and came across this interesting quote by Abraham Kuyper: Hence there is no question that, simply as an involuntary result of its opposition to the Hierarchy of Rome, Calvinism should at the same time have encouraged the emancipation of art. … Continue reading Kuyper on Art, Religion, and Sphere Sovereignty

Short but Sweet: Stellman on Liturgy

How many times have we heard evangelicals (especially of the Jesus-people variety) claim that they don't get caught up in the "religiosity" of "churchianity" as expressed in things like "liturgy"?  While the simplistic notion that a church doesn't have a liturgy is easy enough to refute, Jason J. Stellman puts it succinctly: All churches have… Continue reading Short but Sweet: Stellman on Liturgy