On Doctrinal Indifference

I happened upon two quotes in the last couple of days that I found interesting.  It is the common lament of nearly every generation that theirs is truly the negligent one and the answer is a return to the doctrinal faithfulness of the forefathers.  While this lament is understandable, it seems that no matter how… Continue reading On Doctrinal Indifference

Stanley Hauerwas on Preaching as a Theological Activity

I came across an excerpt from Stanley Hauerwas' forthcoming collection of sermons entitled A Cross-Shattered Church: Reclaiming the Theological Heart of Preaching (Baker, 2009).  For anyone who thinks that a minister does well to avoid doing theology in the pulpit, Hauerwas explains that such a notion could not be more foreign to the task of… Continue reading Stanley Hauerwas on Preaching as a Theological Activity