Jon Levenson on the Historical Prologue of the Treaty

Jewish OT scholar Jon Levenson again shines as he discusses the suzerainty treaty/covenant in the ancient Near East/OT.  Here he is speaking specifically of the historical prologue.  This is worth reading a few times! "Israel began to infer and to affirm her identity by telling a story.  To be sure, the story has implications that can be… Continue reading Jon Levenson on the Historical Prologue of the Treaty

Lincoln, Testimony, and Criticism

A. T. Lincoln, in his book emphasizing the trial/witness motif in John's Gospel, has some helpful comments concerning critics of the biblical canon.  He talks about testimony, and how everyone relies on quite a bit of testimony without evaluating in full the scientific truth of the testimony.  (Example: a person asks "Where is the Post… Continue reading Lincoln, Testimony, and Criticism