Scripture and Tradition

The curiously titled Concise Reformed Dogmatics by J. van Genderen and W.H. Velema has become a favorite of mine.  (I say curiously titled because it weighs in at 922 pages - though it does have some 2000 fewer pages than Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics!)  I was rereading some portions of his chapter on Holy Scripture and… Continue reading Scripture and Tradition

The Importance of Making Careful Distinctions

In conversations about a point of theology or biblical interpretation, I have often heard something along the lines of: "The Bible never says that."  When pressed, the person will then follow-up, "Well, the Bible doesn't say it explicitly," or "the Bible doesn't use those particular words."  I have heard this used to deny a number… Continue reading The Importance of Making Careful Distinctions

Berkhof’s Manual of Christian Doctrine, Second Edition

I don't know how this slipped under my radar, but it looks like someone has undertaken a reformatting of Louis Berkhof's systematic theological summary, Manual of Christian Doctrine.  While the contents look the same, the formatting of the text has changed.  Now the volume contains a new font, is formatted with two columns per page… Continue reading Berkhof’s Manual of Christian Doctrine, Second Edition

Which is your FAVORITE Systematic Theology?

Some comments on the "Berkhof for $9.99" post got me thinking that it would be fun to do a bit more interactive post.  Ok blog-lurkers, time to dust off your enter-keys and comment in on this one!!! Here's the question: Which is your favorite ST volume(s) and why? Don't worry, you don't have to limit… Continue reading Which is your FAVORITE Systematic Theology?