Postmodernism and Roman Catholic Apologetics

I came across this interesting quote by D. A. Carson which reminded me of the rhetoric of Roman Catholic apologists who claim that the only way to have true knowledge of scripture is to have an absolute and infallible knowledge of scripture.  Since most protestants do not claim to have absolute and infallible certainty of… Continue reading Postmodernism and Roman Catholic Apologetics

Online Reformed Responses to Roman Catholic Apologetic Claims

A river pours out of the Vatican that empties into the sea of Reformed Protestantism.  There is also, however, a trickle of converts from Reformed Protestantism to Roman Catholicism.  Though the numbers do not appear to be very significant, the noise generated in blogdom is pretty high.  What is more, as Reformed Churches tend to… Continue reading Online Reformed Responses to Roman Catholic Apologetic Claims

Who said that?

And to whom were they referring? When, however, they are confuted from the Scriptures, they turn round and accuse these same Scriptures, as if they were not correct, nor of authority, and [assert] that they are ambiguous, and that the truth cannot be extracted from them by those who are ignorant of tradition. For [they… Continue reading Who said that?