Vanhoozer on Proof-texting

Kevin Vanhoozer, in his excellent book The Drama of Doctrine, gives the reader some things to consider about proof-texting (compiling a list of texts to prove a point).  To be sure, Vanhoozer certainly affirms that texts teach us doctrinal truth, but he says they do more than that.  For now, note what he says about the dangers of… Continue reading Vanhoozer on Proof-texting

Willimon on “The Wonderful Thickness of the Text”

"Have you ever noticed that when publishers wish to create a comprehensive guide to a particular subject, they like to employ the term Bible in the title?  The Quilting Bible, The Backpacker's Bible, even The Jeep Owner's Bible promise clear, practical down-to-earth guidance on everything and anything related to their particular subject.  If you want… Continue reading Willimon on “The Wonderful Thickness of the Text”