Francis Schaeffer on Science and Scripture

In the past week, the conservative-Reformed blogosphere has been a frenzy of activity with the web release of an article in the Banner outlining the need to redraw Christian beliefs in light of the purported “established fact” of evolution. This has understandably sparked much discussion, both from conservatives within the CRCNA who feel that the… Continue reading Francis Schaeffer on Science and Scripture

Bavinck, Hermenuetics, and Science

This post, as some of you may guess, is related to earlier posts on Poythress, reinterpretation, and Bavinck, though I don't really know if it is part II or III... "...Scripture does not speak the language of science but that of daily experience; that also in telling the story of creation it assumes a geocentric… Continue reading Bavinck, Hermenuetics, and Science