D.G. Barnhouse on “the righteousness of God” (Rom 3:21)

Years ago, before I had thoughts of going to seminary, I gave away Donald Grey Barnhouse's 4-volume set of expositions of the book of Romans.  A few years later, after some time in seminary, I grew to greatly regret that decision.  I placed the set on my Amazon wishlist and had been mulling over the… Continue reading D.G. Barnhouse on “the righteousness of God” (Rom 3:21)

Calvin on Two Kinds of Righteousness (Isaiah 53.11)

Calvin comments on Isaiah 53.11:  "...This is the difference between the righteousness of faith and the righteousness of the Law; for, although the Law shews what it is to be righteous, yet Paul affirms that it is impossible that righteousness should be obtained by it, and experience proves the same thing; for the Law is… Continue reading Calvin on Two Kinds of Righteousness (Isaiah 53.11)

N.T. Wright and Exegetical Fallacies?

Something recently hit me concerning Wright's definition of righteousness in Romans 1.17.  I'll quote his definition of righteousness and contrast it with another book I've been reading.  I'll let you comment or think about the ramifications. "God's covenant with Abraham was always intended as the means by which the creator God would rescue the world from evil,… Continue reading N.T. Wright and Exegetical Fallacies?

Ursinus on Justification, Righteousness, and Imputation

"The righteousness with which we are here justified before God, is not our conformity with the law, not our good works, nor our faith; but it is the satisfaction which Christ rendered to the law in our stead; or the punishment which he endured on our behalf; and therefore the entire humiliation of Christ...whatever he… Continue reading Ursinus on Justification, Righteousness, and Imputation