Accounting for the Reality of Non-Physical Realities

Here's a great apologetics quote by Ken Samples who is on the adult education staff at Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim (URCNA), and whose latest book on worldviews (entitled A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview Test) is hot off the presses at Baker. Ahhhh, the transcendental argument hard at work! God… Continue reading Accounting for the Reality of Non-Physical Realities

The Reason Driven Life

  You have probably read some criticism of Rick Warren's book that sold a bazillion copies, The Purpose Driven Life.  But if you have yet to see an agnostic's response to Warren's book, you should check this one out: The Reason Driven Life by R. Price.  I realize the Purpose Driven fad is slowly disappearing, but it is still interesting to read responses… Continue reading The Reason Driven Life