Street-Level Change

Ethical application, both in preaching and counseling, is a debated and difficult topic.  Some are intentionally against any application of a particular passage to the ethical details of life (parenting, employee-employer relations, dating relationships, etc.).  Others feel that such detailed application is the heart and soul of the Christian message.  Both these extremes miss the… Continue reading Street-Level Change

Edmund Clowney on the Authority of Preaching

A great little blurb by Edmund Clowney in this oft overlooked little book: As we preach the Word of God we are not clothed in apostolic authority.  We cannot bear their eyewitness to the risen Christ.  But by God's grace we are numbered among those faithful men into whose hands the apostolic deposit has been… Continue reading Edmund Clowney on the Authority of Preaching

Preaching: More than Just Biblical/Theological Instruction

Dennis E. Johnson has another great quote, noting that the apostle Paul sees Christian preaching as not simply for instruction in the Christian faith.  While preaching does indeed instruct, this is not its primary purpose: The purpose of preaching is not only to inform or even to elicit assent to its truths.  Preaching God's Word… Continue reading Preaching: More than Just Biblical/Theological Instruction

Dennis Johnson on the (Corporate) Purpose of Christian Preaching

In his monumental book on homiletics (and hermeneutics), Dennis E. Johnson devotes an entire chapter to Col 1.24-2.7, a passage he describes as “encapsulat[ing] in brief compass much of the Bible’s teaching on the purpose of preaching” (pg. 63).  From this passage, he extracts/unpacks the following seven themes “that conveniently summarize the apostle’s theology of… Continue reading Dennis Johnson on the (Corporate) Purpose of Christian Preaching

Stepping into the Pulpit with Utmost Care…

In doing a little application for my sermon on Zechariah 5, I came across this quote by Michael Horton: Karl Barth wrote about the trepidation that should ordinarily accompany pastors as they climb the steps to the exalted pulpit. "This does not mean that when pastors speak officially, then with their words they enjoy a… Continue reading Stepping into the Pulpit with Utmost Care…