Why Study Theophany?

While a number of studies over the years have looked at God's appearing in theophany (a literal combination of the words God/θεος + To shine, become visible, appear/φαινω), several recent studies have been devoted to considering this topic biblically-theologically. Vern S. Poythress' newly published Theophany: A Biblical Theology of God's Appearing (Crossway, 2018) is an… Continue reading Why Study Theophany?

Bavinck, Hermenuetics, and Science

This post, as some of you may guess, is related to earlier posts on Poythress, reinterpretation, and Bavinck, though I don't really know if it is part II or III... "...Scripture does not speak the language of science but that of daily experience; that also in telling the story of creation it assumes a geocentric… Continue reading Bavinck, Hermenuetics, and Science

Science and (Re)Interpretation

What do Christians do when science discovers something in nature that really seems to threaten a Christian belief?  While I won't give my 2 cents online, I will discuss the book I've been reading by Poythress (Science and Hermeneutics; see previous post).  Poythress writes, "Specific scientific theories do affect biblical intepretation at least to the… Continue reading Science and (Re)Interpretation

Hermeneutics Part One

I have the big white hardcover, Foundations of Contemporary Interpretation, on my desk in front of me. It is actually six books bound together in one, done by Zondervan in 1996. The six individual volumes found in this book include the works of Tremper Longman III, Moises Silva, V. Philips Long, Vern Poythress, and Richard… Continue reading Hermeneutics Part One