Our ascent to Christ or Christ’s descent to us?

I've been reading through Keith Mathison's excellent volume, Given for You: Reclaiming Calvin's Doctrine of the Lord's Supper.  This is a fine study of this topic, looking at Calvin's approach to the Lord's Supper from historical-theological, biblical/exegetical, and systematic-theological angles. I found this section to be very helpful.  First, Mathison quotes Calvin: The sharing in… Continue reading Our ascent to Christ or Christ’s descent to us?

The Mass: Has Rome Changed?

While studying Heidelberg Catechism Q/A 80 on how the Lord's Supper differs from the Roman Catholic mass, I noticed that some say the last part of HC 80 is wrong. They argue that since Rome has changed her official position on the Mass, the last 1/2 of HC 80 should be lopped off. In order… Continue reading The Mass: Has Rome Changed?

Medieval, Reformation, and Scholastic – The Doctrine of the Holy Supper

Though not mentioned in volume one of Muller's PRRD, the doctrine of the Lord's Supper throughout church history proves Muller's point [see my last post]: the reformers and following scholastics did not outright reject 100% of medieval theology. Did the Reformers reject the Roman doctrine of Transubstantiation? Certainly. Did they reject all previous medieval teaching… Continue reading Medieval, Reformation, and Scholastic – The Doctrine of the Holy Supper

Kuyper on Children and the Lord’s Supper

In his helpful little booklet, The Implications of Public Confessions (trans. Henry Zylstra, [Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1934]), Abraham Kuyper wrote about the aspects of public confession of faith.  In it he commented on baptized children and the Lord's Supper: should kids partake? An infant "is not yet qualified to receive the sacrament of nourishment.  We must… Continue reading Kuyper on Children and the Lord’s Supper