Joel’s Locusts as Babylon and/or Assyria

Well, turns out I'm not the first person who thought that the locust plague of Joel 1 might actually refer to an invading army.  Not only did I find Sweeney making a similar connection in his commentary, I found this quote from the Syriac father, Isho'dad of Merv (9th century AD): The mashota ("cutting locust")… Continue reading Joel’s Locusts as Babylon and/or Assyria

Joel, Chs. 1-2: “Locusts and Invaders” or “Invaders who are like Locusts”

I've been intrigued with the Twelve Prophets lately.  Not only are they fascinating books on their own, the grouping, editing and redacting of the whole corpus into one book (already by the time of Ben Sira) is an incredible example of inner-biblical interpretation.  These books originally written for very diverse purposes have been grouped and… Continue reading Joel, Chs. 1-2: “Locusts and Invaders” or “Invaders who are like Locusts”