Short but Sweet: Stellman on Liturgy

How many times have we heard evangelicals (especially of the Jesus-people variety) claim that they don't get caught up in the "religiosity" of "churchianity" as expressed in things like "liturgy"?  While the simplistic notion that a church doesn't have a liturgy is easy enough to refute, Jason J. Stellman puts it succinctly: All churches have… Continue reading Short but Sweet: Stellman on Liturgy

Classic Words on Classical Liturgies: A Guest Post By Danny Hyde

Charles W. Baird's book, The Presbyterian Liturgies: Historical Sketches (Eugene: Wipf & Stock,reprinted  2006), is one of the classics of Reformed liturgical literature from the 19th century. Although surpassed by more recent works (e.g., Thompson, Liturgies of the Western Church; Old, The Patristic Roots of Reformed Worship), it remains a valuable introductory survey for those… Continue reading Classic Words on Classical Liturgies: A Guest Post By Danny Hyde

Rome on Images and Liturgy

I always enjoy getting Interpretation, the Bible/Theology journal published by Union Theological Seminary.  Though I usually don't agree with everything I read, it is stimulating and enjoyable.  This month (the October 2007 issue -- not the picture above), I anxiously scanned the cover only to be let down.  The theme for the month is art and exegesis.  So here I… Continue reading Rome on Images and Liturgy