The Old Testament and It’s “Southern Accent” Y’all . . .

As I begun to note some of the Northern/Southern (i.e., Israel/Judah) distinctions found throughout the Old Testament text (e.g., how various traditions reflect upon Northern and Southern kings), I began to wonder if the Biblical text could be analyzed linguistically to see whether evidence of Northern or Southern dialects could be found therein. After all,… Continue reading The Old Testament and It’s “Southern Accent” Y’all . . .

Some new stuff at WSCAL

There were a couple of items I thought I'd pass on from the Westminster Seminary California update E-mail that I received in my inbox this morning. First, check out this short article written by Prof. Joshua VanEe, entitled, "Lost in Translation."  A nice little piece about why we spend time learning the Biblical languages. Second,… Continue reading Some new stuff at WSCAL

Adele Berlin on “Perceptibility” of Parallelism

I haven't posted in a while - partly due to my little jaunt to Kauai and back - so I thought I'd dive back in with a great paragraph I read by Adele Berlin in her book The Dynamics of Biblical Parallelism. In her linguistic description of the phenomena of parallelism in poetry Berlin notes… Continue reading Adele Berlin on “Perceptibility” of Parallelism

N.T. Wright and Exegetical Fallacies?

Something recently hit me concerning Wright's definition of righteousness in Romans 1.17.  I'll quote his definition of righteousness and contrast it with another book I've been reading.  I'll let you comment or think about the ramifications. "God's covenant with Abraham was always intended as the means by which the creator God would rescue the world from evil,… Continue reading N.T. Wright and Exegetical Fallacies?

Hebrew Grammar, Linguistics, and Justification

What do Hebrew grammar, linguistics, and justification have to do with one another? Quite a bit, if you ask me (us). In An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax, Bruce Waltke and M. O' Conner give us some implicit clues. In their discussion of a certain verb (the Piel stem, to be precise), they note a… Continue reading Hebrew Grammar, Linguistics, and Justification