Ursinus or the FV on Law/Gospel?

The official Federal Vision joint statement says this on page 6:  "We deny that law and gospel should be considered as a hermeneutics, or treated as such.... The fundamental division [between law and gospel] is not in the text, but rather in the human heart." Ursinus: "The doctrine of the church consists of two parts: the Law, and… Continue reading Ursinus or the FV on Law/Gospel?

Machen on Indicative and Imperative (Gospel and Law)

  "It seems never to have occurred to the adherents of this religion [an imitation of Jesus religion] that there is such a thing as sin, and that sin places an awful gulf between man and God.  But those convictions, though they are unpopular at the present time, are certainly quite central in the Christian… Continue reading Machen on Indicative and Imperative (Gospel and Law)