Zacharias Ursinus on the Law’s Requirement of Perfect Obedience . . .

Does the law of God require perfect obedience, or is the law simply given to sinners who thereby are not expected to render perfect obedience to its demands? Aren't those to whom the law is given called instead to live according to a reasonable degree of conformity to that law in order to be called… Continue reading Zacharias Ursinus on the Law’s Requirement of Perfect Obedience . . .

Bavinck on Forgiveness

I've been really thrilled with Herman Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics, vol. 4.  This volume is a wonderful conclusion to a very excellent Systematic Theology.  In chapter 3, Bavinck's treatment of justification, I was impressed with his section entitled "Forgiveness in Scripture" (pgs. 182-86).  Here is one particular passage I found enlightening: It is especially Paul, however,… Continue reading Bavinck on Forgiveness

Shane in Print on Two Important Subjects

Shane's far too modest to draw attention to his work, but I noticed that two of his articles have made the list of "Selected Articles Published in The Outlook" over on The Outlook's website. First, note his article on the law/gospel distinction evident in the Heidelberg Catechism entitled "The Two Parts of the Heidelberg Catechism:… Continue reading Shane in Print on Two Important Subjects

Law/Gospel and the NPP

Krister Stendahl (a huge figure in the NPP movement) began to suggest in the early 1960's that the whole church has read Paul wrongly (i.e. introspectively) since Augustine.  Stendahl also did some work in the late '60's on the relationship between Judaism and Christianity; he was pleading for a new relationship based on a more Jewish and less Western… Continue reading Law/Gospel and the NPP

Law and Gospel: A Most Important Distinction

The distinguished Lutheran theologian, C. F. W. Walther gave a series of Friday night lectures from 1884-1885 for the seminary students at Concordia Seminary.  Thankfully, these lectures have been translated into English.  Though over 100 years old, they are still quite penetrating and helpful today.  "The Law tells us what we are to do.  No such instruction is… Continue reading Law and Gospel: A Most Important Distinction