Zacharias Ursinus on the Law’s Requirement of Perfect Obedience . . .

Does the law of God require perfect obedience, or is the law simply given to sinners who thereby are not expected to render perfect obedience to its demands? Aren't those to whom the law is given called instead to live according to a reasonable degree of conformity to that law in order to be called… Continue reading Zacharias Ursinus on the Law’s Requirement of Perfect Obedience . . .

Bavinck on Forgiveness

I've been really thrilled with Herman Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics, vol. 4.  This volume is a wonderful conclusion to a very excellent Systematic Theology.  In chapter 3, Bavinck's treatment of justification, I was impressed with his section entitled "Forgiveness in Scripture" (pgs. 182-86).  Here is one particular passage I found enlightening: It is especially Paul, however,… Continue reading Bavinck on Forgiveness

John Murray on Defining “Law”

My drill sergeant used to constantly yell, "It would behoove you all to remember this!!"  I'll apply that phrase to Murray's fine note on Romans 3.21. "Law in one sense pronounces the opposite of justification [i.e. condemnation], the law in another sense preaches justification.  This illustrates the necessity in each case of determining the precise sense in… Continue reading John Murray on Defining “Law”

Calvin on Two Kinds of Righteousness (Isaiah 53.11)

Calvin comments on Isaiah 53.11:  "...This is the difference between the righteousness of faith and the righteousness of the Law; for, although the Law shews what it is to be righteous, yet Paul affirms that it is impossible that righteousness should be obtained by it, and experience proves the same thing; for the Law is… Continue reading Calvin on Two Kinds of Righteousness (Isaiah 53.11)

The Canons of Dort, the Law, and Luther

  "Neither can the men.  For though it reveals the greatness of sin, and more and more convinces man neither points out a remedy nor imparts strength to extricate (free) him from this misery, but...leaves the transgressor under the curse; man cannot by this law obtain saving grace."  Canons of Dort,  III/IV.5 Question:… Continue reading The Canons of Dort, the Law, and Luther