M.G. Kline in the Jewish Study Bible?

No - just a comment on Gen 15.9-11 by Jon Levenson that sounds very Klinean: The ritual of cutting animals in half and passing between them is found both in the Bible and in Mesopotamia.  The parallel in Jer. 34.17-22 makes it likely that the essence of the ritual is a self-curse: Those walking between… Continue reading M.G. Kline in the Jewish Study Bible?

Kline on Abraham and Promise

Going through Meredith Kline's Kingdom Prologue (Overland Park: Two Age Press, 2000), again (and again!) has been a treat.  I am once again struck by Kline's excellent appraisal of God's gospel promise to Abraham.  "From its opening salvo of divine promises in Genesis 12 the Abrahamic Covenant confronts us with a way to ultimate blessedness… Continue reading Kline on Abraham and Promise