John’s Gospel: Moses, Jesus, and Signs

Many scholars split John's Gospel into two major parts: chapters 1-11 and 12-21.  Scholars differ on the main themes of these parts and the exact location of the "middle," but generally speaking the first part is about Jesus' public ministry and the second is his journey to the cross.  Narrative time goes rather quickly in… Continue reading John’s Gospel: Moses, Jesus, and Signs

Craig Keener: John 10.22-23 and Hanukkah

Craig Keener's two volume commentary on John's Gospel is a level-headed, well researched, and careful exposition of the Gospel.   In other words, its well worth the cash.  Here's an example of Keener's excellent discussion of background material from 10.22, where Jesus speaks to the Jews during the Feast of Dedication (a.k.a. Hanukkah). "Most possible associations… Continue reading Craig Keener: John 10.22-23 and Hanukkah

Water from Jesus’ “belly/womb?” – John 7.38

John 7.38 is one of those passages in Scripture over which scholars go back and forth; for example both Craig Keener and D.A. Carson write that it is "difficult" and end up coming down on different "sides."  Do the waters of life flow from the believer's "belly" ("heart" in NIV, ESV, etc) or Jesus' "belly?"  Where… Continue reading Water from Jesus’ “belly/womb?” – John 7.38

Keener on John 4.31-38

  While Jesus was at the well in Samaria speaking to the woman, his disciples urged him to eat (John 4).  Craig Keener's comments here are helpful. "This picture does not deny the Johannine Jesus' full humanity.  Jesus here does not strictly refuse physical food, and an ancient audience, aware of the demands of hospitality, would… Continue reading Keener on John 4.31-38