John D. Currid on Deuteronomy

With this commentary on Deuteronomy, John D. Currid (PhD, Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago) exposits this book as part of his series of Pentateuchal commentaries published in the EP Study Commentary Series.  Currid is an archaeologist and historian giving his work the benefit of addressing not only philological and theological questions, but concrete… Continue reading John D. Currid on Deuteronomy

John Currid on the Israelite Feasts in Deuteronomy

Thanks to the good folks at Evangelical Press, I’ve been able to spend some time reading through a review copy of John D. Currid’s commentary on Deuteronomy, a commentary in the EP Study Commentary series.  Though I haven’t had time lately to do much posting, I’ve been itching to start a more formal series of… Continue reading John Currid on the Israelite Feasts in Deuteronomy