The Locust Plague/Army in Joel: More from the Eastern Fathers

A while back I posted a blurb from Isho'dad of Merv wherein he identified the various kinds of locusts in Joel 1.4 as references to individual kings of Assyria and Babylon.  I had one other quote along the same lines I thought I'd share - this time regarding the "northerner" in Joel 2.20: "I will… Continue reading The Locust Plague/Army in Joel: More from the Eastern Fathers

Joel’s Locusts as Babylon and/or Assyria

Well, turns out I'm not the first person who thought that the locust plague of Joel 1 might actually refer to an invading army.  Not only did I find Sweeney making a similar connection in his commentary, I found this quote from the Syriac father, Isho'dad of Merv (9th century AD): The mashota ("cutting locust")… Continue reading Joel’s Locusts as Babylon and/or Assyria