John Calvin on the Imputation of an Alien Righteousness

I thought Calvin had some interesting lines on the theological import of the word חשב in Gen 15.5. He clearly taught imputation, paralleling the guilt that is imputed to the wicked (citing Lev 7.18, Lev 17.4, 2 Sam 19.19, 2 Kgs 12.15) with the righteousness that is imputed to those who believe: Just as we… Continue reading John Calvin on the Imputation of an Alien Righteousness

Imputation: Lusk or the Heidelberg Catechism?

You can't have both. Lusk: "Justification requires no transfer or imputation of anything. It does not force us to reify 'righteousness' into something that can be shuffled around in heavenly accounting books" (Richard Lusk, "A Response to 'The Biblical Plan of Salvation'" in The Auburn Avenue Theology, Pros and Cons: Debating the Federal Vision: The… Continue reading Imputation: Lusk or the Heidelberg Catechism?

Ursinus on Justification, Righteousness, and Imputation

"The righteousness with which we are here justified before God, is not our conformity with the law, not our good works, nor our faith; but it is the satisfaction which Christ rendered to the law in our stead; or the punishment which he endured on our behalf; and therefore the entire humiliation of Christ...whatever he… Continue reading Ursinus on Justification, Righteousness, and Imputation