Great Resources on the Church Calendar by Danny Hyde

Here at the Reformed Reader, we're honored to have URCNA co-laborer and author, Danny Hyde, jump in and do some guest posting.  Just to put in a shameless plug for Danny, check out some of his books: Jesus Loves the Little Children: Why We Baptize Children (Danny's outstanding defense of paedo-baptism) With Heart and Mouth:… Continue reading Great Resources on the Church Calendar by Danny Hyde

Danny Hyde on Liturgy

In answering the question, "what is a liturgy?" Hyde responds that it is "an order of worship," simply put.  He continues: "Every church...uses a liturgy.  It is not something only a few churches have, such as the Roman Catholics or 'traditional' churches; every worship service in every church [in] the world has a liturgy.  Whether… Continue reading Danny Hyde on Liturgy