Preaching Today? 150 Years Ago?

In the first chapter of his book, Homiletics, Karl Barth evaluates several homiletics/preaching books written by other professors that came before him.  In the middle of this section, Barth evaluates A. Vinet's (d. 1847) view of homiletics (Vinet was a disciple of F. Schleiermacher).  Even if these names are confusing or uniteresting, please note this quote.  This explanation of preaching, I think, is… Continue reading Preaching Today? 150 Years Ago?

Preaching, Thomas Long, and Karl Barth Part I

  Thomas Long writes on Barth's view of preaching and then reflects on the current situation: People in our culture, "believe in their hearts that God is present, but they just don't expect to find God in church, in worship, in preaching.  God is present, they say, but not in there, not in that heavy… Continue reading Preaching, Thomas Long, and Karl Barth Part I

Willimon on Preaching

  Willimon is at it again:  "One of the chief responsibilities of baptized Christians is to submit to Scripture, to let Scripture judge our discipleship rather than for us to judge the possibility and permissibility of Scripture's demands.  Preaching is a major means of helping us fulfill that responsibility." "It may be more accurate to… Continue reading Willimon on Preaching

Wise Words from Willimon

  William Willimon speaks about the unhelpful notion of "translating" the gospel into everyday language and the failure of churches to speak the biblical truth.   "[They say] Take this biblical image and translate it into something more palatable to people who use Cuisinarts.  The modern church has been willing to use everyone's language but its own.  In conservative… Continue reading Wise Words from Willimon

Preaching: Style and Urgency

Though I don't always see eye to eye with Buttrick on homiletics and theology, he has some outstanding points on both.  For example, he discusses a pastor's preaching style, saying how some work hard to avoid pulpit emotion and at the same time develop their own unique style. He says, rebuffing lack of emotion and the aim… Continue reading Preaching: Style and Urgency