Edmund Clowney on the Authority of Preaching

A great little blurb by Edmund Clowney in this oft overlooked little book: As we preach the Word of God we are not clothed in apostolic authority.  We cannot bear their eyewitness to the risen Christ.  But by God's grace we are numbered among those faithful men into whose hands the apostolic deposit has been… Continue reading Edmund Clowney on the Authority of Preaching

Dennis Johnson on the (Corporate) Purpose of Christian Preaching

In his monumental book on homiletics (and hermeneutics), Dennis E. Johnson devotes an entire chapter to Col 1.24-2.7, a passage he describes as “encapsulat[ing] in brief compass much of the Bible’s teaching on the purpose of preaching” (pg. 63).  From this passage, he extracts/unpacks the following seven themes “that conveniently summarize the apostle’s theology of… Continue reading Dennis Johnson on the (Corporate) Purpose of Christian Preaching

Vos on Preaching and the Lord’s Supper

Geerhardus Vos, in a sermon preached at Princeton in 1902, notes the importance of cross centered preaching.  In a wonderful way, he brings it to the table of the Lord.    "There can be a betrayal of the gospel of grace by silence. There can be disloyalty to Christ by omission as well as by positive offence against… Continue reading Vos on Preaching and the Lord’s Supper

Luther the Preacher

Luther's sermons are some of the clearest and most profound gospel centered sermons ever written.  I know that's a huge statement, yet I stand behind it.  CBD currently has a sale on Baker's 7 volume set of Luther's sermons ($35).  If you do not own these, you will not be disappointed in them - and you just… Continue reading Luther the Preacher

Willimon on Homiletical Communication

In The Intrusive Word (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1994), Willimon exhorts preachers to be careful not to go too far in making the gospel understandable.  In his words, this is "reducing the gospel to a slogan for a bumper sticker" or mixing the gospel with some "common human experience" (24). "We must learn to preach again… Continue reading Willimon on Homiletical Communication