Fox: “On Reading Redaction”

Josh has written a really good post over at Reformed Blogging about Robert Alter's approach to narrative texts in the OT.  I'm not being contrarian at all by putting this post up (I too have benefited greatly from Alter's and Fokkelman's literary approach to texts), rather I wanted to put a few quotes up from… Continue reading Fox: “On Reading Redaction”

Fishbane on Aggadic Exegesis

I came across a few great quotes in Michael Fishbane's Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel (hereafter BIAI) on aggadic (i.e., non-halakhic) exegesis.  Fishbane notes how this type of exegesis is utilized by the OT writers as they pick up and re-employ earlier traditions. After noting that aggadic exegesis not only has different concerns than does… Continue reading Fishbane on Aggadic Exegesis

Sidney Greidanus’ “Christocentric Method” for Preaching the OT

I came across a nice quote by Sidney Greidanus: The christocentric method complements the theocentric method of interpreting the Old Testament by seeking to do justice to the fact that God's story of bringing his kingdom on earth is centered in Christ: Christ the center of redemptive history, Christ the center of the Scriptures.  In… Continue reading Sidney Greidanus’ “Christocentric Method” for Preaching the OT

The Exegetical Aim of Textual Criticism

In his monumental work, Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel, Michael Fishbane reflects on the changing nature of textual criticism.  Whereas an older generation of scholars understood the aim of textual criticism as the attempt to recover the "original autographs" - those texts, word-for-word, which came directly from the pen of Moses or Ezekiel or Isaiah… Continue reading The Exegetical Aim of Textual Criticism

Are the Church Fathers Relevant to Contemporary Biblical Studies?

Gerald Bray says yes. I've been reading through essays in Out of Egypt: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation (vol. 5 in Zondervan's The Scripture and Hermeneutics Series), and Bray's contribution, "The Church Fathers and Biblical Theology" is a particularly interesting contribution. Towards the end, Bray avers that "ontology" is a central issue in the debate… Continue reading Are the Church Fathers Relevant to Contemporary Biblical Studies?