Kline on Abraham and Promise

Going through Meredith Kline's Kingdom Prologue (Overland Park: Two Age Press, 2000), again (and again!) has been a treat.  I am once again struck by Kline's excellent appraisal of God's gospel promise to Abraham.  "From its opening salvo of divine promises in Genesis 12 the Abrahamic Covenant confronts us with a way to ultimate blessedness… Continue reading Kline on Abraham and Promise

Horton on Election and Grace

  Michael Horton says it so well:  "...We can talk about grace, sing about grace, preach about grace, just so long as we do not get too close to it.  Election is too close.  When we give in to election, we finally give up on ourselves in the matter of salvation.  This doctrine takes grace to… Continue reading Horton on Election and Grace