Good news for the pagans

Because of debates about the New Perspectives on Paul (NPP), I (Andrew) had steered entirely clear of N.T. Wright.  My only reading of him was to better understand his views on Paul so as to not misrepresent him while critiquing the NPP.  This was actually pretty unfortunate since his work on the gospels is quite… Continue reading Good news for the pagans

Bavinck on Forgiveness

I've been really thrilled with Herman Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics, vol. 4.  This volume is a wonderful conclusion to a very excellent Systematic Theology.  In chapter 3, Bavinck's treatment of justification, I was impressed with his section entitled "Forgiveness in Scripture" (pgs. 182-86).  Here is one particular passage I found enlightening: It is especially Paul, however,… Continue reading Bavinck on Forgiveness

The Joy of Resurrection Life: A Meditation from Vos

The sermons of Geerhardus Vos are treasures, to say the least. These are messages that focus the Christian on the things that are not fading away - the eternal things. As Sinclair Ferguson wrote in the introduction, "These pages contain a thesaurus of theological riches, a gold mine whose every vein is packed with gleaming… Continue reading The Joy of Resurrection Life: A Meditation from Vos

Kline on Abraham and Promise

Going through Meredith Kline's Kingdom Prologue (Overland Park: Two Age Press, 2000), again (and again!) has been a treat.  I am once again struck by Kline's excellent appraisal of God's gospel promise to Abraham.  "From its opening salvo of divine promises in Genesis 12 the Abrahamic Covenant confronts us with a way to ultimate blessedness… Continue reading Kline on Abraham and Promise

So What’s the Good News, Anyway?

   As I have noted before, N.T. Wright posits a future justification based on works.  Let's parse that out. He says that the good news is that those who believe in the gospel are presently "in the right" and have "the status of being God's covenant people, the people already declared to be 'in the… Continue reading So What’s the Good News, Anyway?