Wright v Bruce Part II

Why does Paul use Abraham as part of his logic in Romans 3-4?  Bruce says that Paul is showing how the "righteousness of God apart from law" is attested by the law and prophets -- Abraham's story is Paul's first example.  In Rom 4, says Bruce, "Paul undertakes to show" how the gospel is in… Continue reading Wright v Bruce Part II

F. F. Bruce on Justification

Bruce really sounds close to Luther here.  "God pronounces a man righteous at the beginning of his course, not at the end of it.  If he pronounces him righteous at the beginning of his course, it cannot be on the basis of works which he has not yet done; such justification is, on the contrary, 'an… Continue reading F. F. Bruce on Justification

F.F. Bruce and N.T. Wright on Paul’s Gospel

What is the heart of Paul's gospel, or good news? Wright: "If you start with the popular [i.e. Reformed/protestant!!] view of justification, you may actually lose sight of the heart of the Pauline gospel; whereas if you start with the Pauline gospel itself you will get justification in all its glory thrown in as well"… Continue reading F.F. Bruce and N.T. Wright on Paul’s Gospel