On Rejecting Reformed Scholasticism

Reading through Muller's Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics (PRRD) is a profound experience. In these pages, one learns how the fibers of the Reformation and Reformed teaching are found in the early and medieval church. For example, one of Muller's points is that Reformed scholastics (from early to late orthodoxy) did not totally break from all previous… Continue reading On Rejecting Reformed Scholasticism

Ursinus or the FV on Law/Gospel?

The official Federal Vision joint statement says this on page 6:  "We deny that law and gospel should be considered as a hermeneutics, or treated as such.... The fundamental division [between law and gospel] is not in the text, but rather in the human heart." Ursinus: "The doctrine of the church consists of two parts: the Law, and… Continue reading Ursinus or the FV on Law/Gospel?