Vos on Abraham’s faith

Geerhardus Vos' description of the faith of the OT patriarchs - particularly Abraham - is most excellent.  I highly recommend (re)reading the entire section, since I only have room to quote a few statements.  See pages 83-87 of Vos' Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 2000). "Faith was in Abraham's life… Continue reading Vos on Abraham’s faith

Luther the Preacher

Luther's sermons are some of the clearest and most profound gospel centered sermons ever written.  I know that's a huge statement, yet I stand behind it.  CBD currently has a sale on Baker's 7 volume set of Luther's sermons ($35).  If you do not own these, you will not be disappointed in them - and you just… Continue reading Luther the Preacher

Calvin on Two Kinds of Righteousness (Isaiah 53.11)

Calvin comments on Isaiah 53.11:  "...This is the difference between the righteousness of faith and the righteousness of the Law; for, although the Law shews what it is to be righteous, yet Paul affirms that it is impossible that righteousness should be obtained by it, and experience proves the same thing; for the Law is… Continue reading Calvin on Two Kinds of Righteousness (Isaiah 53.11)

Lusk or Beza?

Here are excerpts from R. Lusk (a current "member" of the Federal Vision) and T. Beza (a second generation Reformer, d. 1605). Read carefully, and note the most important term, instrument (cf. Belgic Confession, 22 or WCF 11.2). I've bolded instrument below for ease of reference. LUSK: "In other words, works do not justify in… Continue reading Lusk or Beza?