The Old Testament for Everyone

Following the series, "The New Testament for Everyone" (authored by N.T. Wright), Westminster John Knox Press has launched the next installment entitled "The Old Testament for Everyone." Written by prolific OT scholar, John Goldingay of Fuller Theological Seminary, this looks to be a fascinating set of books.  I'm excited to see what he does in… Continue reading The Old Testament for Everyone

Yahweh, the Stormy Sea and Its End

G. K. Beale and Sean McDonough have some helpful notes on Revelation 21.1-4, specifically verse 4. After discussing some clear parallels between Rev. 21 and Isaiah, they focus on some of the imagery of the new heaven and new earth.  In Isaiah (25.8, 35.10, and 51.11) the prophet predicts "that 'pain and grief and groaning' will… Continue reading Yahweh, the Stormy Sea and Its End