Reading and Studying God’s Word Communally

The more I work through John Frame's The Doctrine of the Word of God, the more impressed I am with this book. It seems that no matter what question I have concerning the Bible as inspired Scripture, Frame has provided a thoughtful and nuanced answer steeped in Scripture's own self-testimony. In preparing to teach a… Continue reading Reading and Studying God’s Word Communally

Pointed Qumran Scrolls

I just picked up a great little volume yesterday from the Archives bookshop in Pasadena, CA.  As anyone who has done any reading of the dead sea scrolls knows, reading unpointed texts is a tricky task.  The book, Die Texte aus Qumran: Hebraisch und Deutsch Mit Masoretischer Punktation,  is a nice tool for use in… Continue reading Pointed Qumran Scrolls