The Relationship Between Wisdom and Apocalyptic

A few years ago, I took a seminar devoted to exploring the relationship between wisdom literature and apocalyptic literature.  Initially I thought the decision to combine the two had more to do with paucity of the literature, something along of the lines of: "well, there isn't enough wisdom literature on which to do a whole… Continue reading The Relationship Between Wisdom and Apocalyptic

Daniel Commentary by Iain M. Duguid

I just noticed (thanks to Greenbaggins) that Iain Duguid has a new commentary out on the book of Daniel! It's in the same series as his excellent Esther/Ruth commentary. Duguid is a master at the prophets so this volume should be an outstanding addition to his Ezekiel commentary. I'll look forward to picking up my… Continue reading Daniel Commentary by Iain M. Duguid